This is one of our favourite sections of our store. 

Being a family business for nearly 50 years, we have been there for the happy times when people graduate, get married, and then bring their children in to meet us.  Now the sons are bringing dad back in to check out their choice in graduation or wedding tuxedos or suits.    Unfortunately, we also have to address the sad parts of life when people come in to say they need something for a funeral.  We are prepared for this time with our large selection of suits and sportcoats.  We also have a limited supply of rental suits on hand if you would prefer.  We look forward to helping you feel more confident than you ever have with a tuxedo that fits properly for your special occasion.  With our own tailor shop, we are able to process the alterations in a convenient and prompt manner. 

Rental tuxedo catalogues are available on request.  Choose Stu Moores to be sure you are proud of the way your clothes fit!