We carry a large selection of casual and dress pants in sizes 28-46.  Stretch pants range from size 32-60.  Our pants are made of cotton, polyester, poly-wool and poly-cotton. The colour range is TAUPE, OLIVE, NAVY, BLACK, GREY, and BROWN. 

Walking shorts are found in BLACK, NAVY, TAUPE, OLIVE and WHITE and range in size from 32-48.

Our velour jogging outfit can be worn when working out, lounging around the house or casual occasions with friend.  They come in sizes M - XL and you can purchase them in BLACK, NAVY or Grey or pick up one of each to fit your mood.

We sell jeans in BLACK or BROWN in sizes 30-46.

Please note: not all colours are available in all sizes.   Unless you choose not to, we finish the bottoms for you before they leave the store.  Colours and sizes can be found on our Shop Page.