Grand Opening Online Store

We've finally launched our online store and with Wednesday being Canada Day we are really going to celebrate.  From June 29 thru July 1, 2015 or until we run low on socks,we have decided to make all Canadians happy by putting our patterned and hot colour socks on sale.  We have set up a coupon for  buy 1 pair but get 3 pair.  The price for 3 pair is $42.00 BUT Stu Moore Clothiers Ltd will discount $28.00. This leaves you paying only $14.00 plus gst for 3 pair!!!  We are not sure how many people will see this sale as it is ONLINE SHOPPING ONLY. We especially encourage our personal shopping customers  to participate.   We do hope we will not have to discontinue this sale early for lack of stock.  This sale only applies to the stock on hand.  If you live in Medicine Hat and are able to come into the store, we invite you to pick out the socks that you like best.  If you live out of town or are unable to come downtown, we will mail your socks to you.  Remember this is a new venture for us but we really hope we have ironed out everything that could go wrong.  

Please email  or phone 403-527-6969 should you have a question or encounter a problem we did not plan for.  We enjoy reading your comments and appreciate when you like and share our site with your friends and on Facebook.


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Week 1 Construction

The Construction has begun.  On  May 20, 2015 the supports were set up to begin.  Before I even arrived at work on May 21, the crew was hard at work taking off the first layer of pavement.  This is the second layer being removed.  Just want to remind you that we have 2 parking spots in the back to accommodate our customers. Come in the back door.  We aren't hard to find from there.  

Please, just don't hit that white truck.  It's not paid for yet!

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Take 4 Home - Pay for 3 Fun Soxs

Please Note: This Post Does Not show all the socks we received! 

We have just received a new supply of Patterned Fun Soxs.   We have the single soxs displayed but not all colours are available in the multi-sox pictures.  Check out our Shop Page for the colours we presently have.  We do not currently have our shopping cart set up so if you would like some but cannot make it instore, please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to complete your purchase.  Fun Soxs are a MUST for Grad and Wedding Pictures.  Be sure to send us a picture for our Gallery Page.

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