On April 4,1968,  H. Stuart Moore opened the doors to Stu Moore Clothiers  to the public in downtown Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Stu Moore believed that to be successful, his store had to sell quality products at an affordable price.  His policy was the  customer is always rightand we are not satisfied until the customer is satisfiedHis son, Stephen Moore, worked at Stus side to establish the store and when Stu was no longer able to work, Steve maintained the policies Stu had set in place.  Stu was meticulous about maintaining the fit of a garment and instilled this into the principals of   the store.  One of the best comments we hear is that the clothes always fit well and the men feel good wearing their purchases. 

Times change but the logos, policies and values set out by Stu Moores remain the same.  As the Green Movement began to clean up our planet, Stu Moores  contacted Goose Creek  Renewable Energy  in  Blackie, Alberta  to install solar panels on the top of their building.  With the assistance of the City of Medicine Hat and the Hat Smart Program we were able to set up 10 kilowatts of solar energy over a period of 3 years.  To further save energy, we installed a digital sign to alleviate the number of trees cut down to provide us with advertising. 

It is now a new era and the world is turning to the information highway.  After 2 unsuccessful attempts, Stu Moore Clothiers is now travelling this highway by publishing a web site and online store.  We would love it if you would like to share this experience with us.  We have always had a close, personal relationship with our instore  customers and would like this to continue with our online customers.  We encourage you to contact us by phone at  1-403-527-6969 or email             stumoores@shaw.ca.  If you would like us to phone you, please send us an email and a time you will be available.  We will contact you as close to that time as possible.  

For a more complete story of our history, please visit our blog.   The City of Medicine Hat is going to be ripping up our street this summer to install new sewer and water lines.   Our block will be completely redesigned.    However, we will keep you informed on our blog so keep in touch to see how things progress.  Check out Google Maps to see what we look like now and watch us change.

On street parking may become a problem but not to worry.  We have 2 stalls behind our store for our customers to park.  


Stu Moore

                   clothiers, ltd.

560 – 2nd STREET S.E.


PHONE: 403-527-6969

FAX: 403-527-6969

EMAIL: stumoores@shaw.ca